HRM Application

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HRM Application

HRM is Web Inference System, which automates and administrates tasks of HR for smooth running of their day to day activities and provides accurate information as required.Hominine Stratagem deals with the Employee Information, Bio metric Attendances of all Employees, Incentives, Pay slips, Relieving, Hikes, Department change, Reports etc.
Estimated monthly pay slips can be generated at any time based on attendance calculated from the attendance of Bio metric. Custom attendance calculation from 8-00 AM this day to 8-00 AM next day as single day’s attendance.This project is meant to know the Human Resource Policies in the organization. The HR Policies are a tool to achieve employee satisfaction and thus highly motivated employees. The main objective of various HR Policies is to increase efficiency by increasing motivation and thus fulfill organizational goals and objectives.

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Main Modules

  • Employee Registration

  • Bio-metric Attendance

  • Daily Deductions

  • Advances

  • Loans

  • Canteen

  • Payslip generation

  • Setups and Reports

  • Mobiliser Registration

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